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The most powerful hp in Zermatt – horse-drawn parcel deliveries

Big, strong and popular, Benny the horse delivers small parcels in Zermatt’s car-free Bahnhofstrasse. Around these parts, he’s almost as famous as the Matterhorn. A glance behind Benny’s stable door.

The most powerful hp in the mountains

Clack clickclack clock. Clack clickclack clock. You can’t fail to notice the sound of hooves on cobbles. It’s part of the local ambience. As is the animal behind it: Benny. The Polish stallion is steered skilfully through the crowds on Zermatt’s Bahnhofstrasse by his driver Tereza. A gentle ‘Brrr’ and Benny comes to a halt as if rooted to the spot. Tereza pulls the hand brake, climbs down, fetches a delivery from the parcel carriage and enters the souvenir shop. ‘Hello, Mrs Blatter – your order’s here. Have a nice day. See you soon.’ 

An everyday scene in the idyllic mountain setting of Zermatt. In this middle of this pulsating tourist magnet, Benny calmly carries on with his work. This honorary Valaisian with Polish roots is the driving force behind Alpin Cargo’s logistics and revitalised taxi services in Zermatt. He is part of the Planzer Group and delivers parcels locally on our behalf. Benny embodies creativity, humour and dedication to high-quality, sustainable logistics in the heart of the Swiss Alps. Alpin Cargo has put together two series of fun video episodes showing what Benny gets up to and how he spends his free time. 


Benny actually has two part-time jobs. From Monday to Wednesday, he delivers parcels and from Friday to Sunday he provides a taxi service. Zermatt’s new star weighs in at around 800 kg and has an output of a single horsepower. At weekends, he can be found on Zermatt’s Bahnhofplatz, waiting for passengers to take a seat in his fine Victorian carriage. His taxi service takes them wherever a horse and carriage can go. One episode tells how Trauffer’s wooden toy Benny is made, another accompanies Benny as he makes his first Christmas deliveries. Series 1 reveals Benny’s love of work, spa days and practical jokes. 


Out of the paddock in search of adventure. Benny meets Lina the mule. Not just a special beast of burden but stylish, cheeky and strong. She has the world’s longest ears. Benny is head over heels before they’ve even had a first date. Benny learns a lot about the mule traffic routes in Valais, about the braying of mules, and about sheep, livestock guard dogs and himself. Interesting fact: Lina is voiced by none other than Valais-born music icon Stefanie Heinzmann. Series 2 is a romantic, funny and a slightly melancholy love story with a happy ending: eternal friendship. 

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