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Satisfaction is often difficult to put into words. But here’s one time it worked. This email speaks volumes and we are eternally grateful to the sender for their feedback. At their request, we have anonymised the details.

This is exactly how we envisioned our parcel service. But we are well aware that things don’t always go as described here. Please be assured that we do our best day in, day out, and never stop learning.

Subject: Fwd: Planzer Parcel has delivered your parcel

Dear Planzer Parcel team, 

I received a delivery from you today. I am just writing to say thank you that everything went so smoothly. 

I was pleasantly surprised by the standard of customer service you provide. It is not something you normally come across  in this fast paced, automated world ... There was no automated voice, I did not have to keep entering a number or repeating a word to get to the next menu. Usually I end up on hold and then having to explain to someone in a foreign call centre with limited German what the problem is – and it mostly ends up unresolved ... 

But no – when I rang your number, I spoke to a real person and I was very pleased about that. And the person I spoke to on the hotline was extremely friendly and helpful! 

The person who delivered the parcel was also someone who asks how you are and whether everything is all right. I have fasciitis so he kindly brought the parcel up to the third floor for me. Thank you! 

Thank you so much to the team whose rules allowed him to do that! A particular thank you goes to the people who made that decision and put together such a friendly and helpful group of people! 

I hope that you carry on providing customers with this level of care and will look forward to my next parcel delivery from Planzer. 

Thank you very, very much! It’s good to know that businesses like yours still exist in this hectic world! 

Best regards,

By the way 

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