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Fritz+Fränzi: where collaboration is the prevailing school of thought

Studying, cyberbullying, sexuality – what do these topics have in common? They concern parents, children and the creators of the parenting magazine Fritz+Fränzi in equal measure. And Planzer Parcel is on hand to ensure that the magazines make it to their destinations.

Focusing on facts instead of taboos

School-age children and young people are rarely interested in the topics that concern their parents – and vice versa. The first group finds the other one’s views embarrassing, which is equally true the other way around. But there is an alternative. This idea led to the creation of the Swiss parenting magazine Fritz+Fränzi. However, the magazine will only be able to break down barriers between the generations and the experts if those affected are actually able to get their hands on a copy. That’s where Planzer Parcel comes in.

Fritz, Fränzi and the experts

The specialist magazine Fritz+Fränzi has a circulation of 105,000 copies (certified by the Swiss advertising media research agency WEMF). It is published 10 times per year. Almost 60% of the copies in circulation are given to schools for free in bundles of 50. The foundation that publishes the magazine believes that families on small budgets should also have access to comprehensive and neutral information about important parenting topics.

Planzer Parcel personally delivering the magazine

Planzer Parcel will literally take the magazine into its own hands for Fritz+Fränzi. Each month, our parcel experts will deliver approximately 3,000 cardboard boxes full of copies of the magazine to schools. What’s unique about this is that our parcel carriers will not simply leave the magazines somewhere but will hand them over personally – in the school office, the staff room, the caretaker’s office or the headteacher’s office. If they do not find anyone in the staff room, they will knock on a classroom door and personally hand the magazines over to the teacher. .

This type of direct contact is more important than people think, as the free copies aren’t delivered personally to the parents. The magazine should not end up in the recycling bin but on the families’ living room table, which is why it is crucial that the kids and teens take it home. But they will only do so if they are made aware of the magazine, for example, by their teachers.

Print is in

It has long been claimed – particularly by fans of the digital world – that ‘print is out’. But that is not true in the case of Fritz+Fränzi, which is evident by its increasing print run. The print version of the specialist magazine has gained 40,000 readers since 2016, despite also being available in an online version, of which 85% of the content is the same as the print version. This is partly explained by the nature of Fritz+Fränzi. Special interest magazines will stay relevant, as they are more frequently picked up and have greater reading appeal than the daily press.

A family affair

‘Planzer Parcel’ and Fritz+Fränzi go together like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Both are Swiss family-run organisations that serve Swiss families on a daily basis. Both take advantage of new technologies and keep their fingers on the pulse with innovations. Both appreciate and cultivate personal relationships that cannot be replaced by digital or virtual events. And finally, both consider sustainability to be very important. After all, we are talking about the next generations here.

Speaking of sustainability

Is it possible for a logistics company or the distributor of a print product to talk about sustainability? But of course. Both activities present plenty of opportunities to prioritise the environment and one’s surroundings.

  • Thanks to our 10 railway centres, we are able to transport Fritz+Fränzi to its destination regions overnight via the low-emission rail system. The Planzer Parcel drivers will be responsible for the last mile to the schools.
  • The readers of Fritz+Fränzi are not the only ones who never stop learning. Our AI-driven, continually learning software allows us to optimise our routes on a daily basis, and to prevent empty miles and idle time.
  • Planzer Parcel team members are not only trained in excellent customer service but also in environmentally-friendly navigation.
  • Our grading system is also strict: the Planzer Parcel delivery vans meet the highest standards with regard to sustainability.
  • Fritz+Fränzi wants the next generation to be healthy and future-oriented. This is also the objective of Planzer Parcel, which is why apprentices make up 8.91% of our positions across the group. Two thirds of them continue their employment with us after their apprenticeship.

By the way

When was the last time you browsed through Fritz+Fränzi? If you do not have children, probably never. Even if you are a parent or a pedagogical expert, you probably haven’t picked it up that recently. So: take another look through Fritz+Fränzi. Doing so might open a door or two.


Fritz+Fränzi, the most-read parenting magazine in Switzerland, has been published by the Stiftung Elternsein (Parenthood Foundation) since 2001. This advice magazine is geared towards the parents and teachers of school-age children. It focuses on topics that cause tension between parents, school and children. These include family and relationships, parenting and education, and health and media competence. The publisher produces 10 regular issues, four annual preschool magazines, a ‘career choice’ special issue, and various podcasts for apprenticeship applicants and prospective students.

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