Parcels that speak volumes

Behind the scenes at ‘Planzer Parcel’

‘We love to give’ – Planzer Parcel delivers joy


There are countless families and children in need – and not just elsewhere in the world, but on our own doorstep in Switzerland. This is why Planzer Parcel supports the online charity auction ‘We Love to Give’, with proceeds going to the Foundation f …

Toward a greener, smarter future


Is autonomous transport just a pipe dream? On the contrary: together with Udelv, we are well on our way to making it a reality.

Pleasing palates the sustainable way


Good food, good company and an excellent drop of wine: life’s simple pleasures. If this sounds like your sort of thing, you may want to check out Delinat and Planzer Parcel.

Official co-sponsor of ZSC Lions


Speed, power, cleverness, team spirit, passion, success – all these and more define top-level ice hockey. And Planzer Parcel. That’s why we co-sponsor one of the best Swiss ice hockey clubs: ZSC Lions.

Artificial intelligence? But of course!


You can’t have parcels delivered right to your door AND protect the environment, can you? Yes, you can. That’s exactly why we plan the ‘Planzer Parcel’ routes with fast, self-learning algorithms.

Saving lives with soap


They’re small, gentle to the touch and smell divine: hotel soaps. We all use them once or maybe twice. But who cares what happens to them afterwards? We do. That’s why we support SapoCycle.

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