• ‘With 10 railway centres at our disposal, we ensure that your parcels are transported in an eco-friendly way.’

    For us, sustainability isn’t just a buzz word – it’s central to our business model. Right from the outset.
  • ‘There’s a healthy working atmosphere here. And the pay is good too.’

    As a family-owned business, ‘Planzer Parcel’ ensures good working conditions – in several different ways.

Combining logistics experience, IT and network for you

You may know Planzer. The Swiss, family-owned company operates primarily in Switzerland, storing, picking and packing goods and transporting them throughout Switzerland – 60% of them using eco-friendly rail transport. Our blue and red trucks take care of B2B transport of general cargo. But they are too big to transport small parcels efficiently.

That’s why we created the ‘Planzer Parcel’ brand, which enables us to offer you all-round logistics services from a single source. ‘Planzer Parcel’ has a traditional, old-school look. Our vans deliver to private individuals and to businesses.

Sustainable transport by rail

Our parcel service transports parcels up to 30 kg. Our highly experienced drivers put their heart and soul into delivering your packages, day in, day out. They use state-of-the-art vehicles and innovative technologies. Thanks to our 10 railway centres, we are able to transport your shipments to their destination region overnight via the low-emission rail system. Our parcel drivers then take over for the so-called last mile of the journey to the recipient. All of which combines to ensure that receiving a parcel is exactly what it should be: a great experience.

Diligent and low-emission parcel delivery

Your parcel delivery service owes a great deal to a host of impressive hidden extras. We are able to plan our routes dynamically, for example, with the aid of an algorithm. This allows us to adapt to changes you make to your delivery preferences – such as the date or the preferred delivery address – right up to shortly before the scheduled delivery.

Benny, our local mailman in Zermatt

Zermatt is a world of its own – picture postcard Alpine scenery and no cars. For years now, our network partner Alpin Cargo has been delivering parcels here. Most of them are addressed to recipients in Bahnhofstrasse near the station. It’s closed to motorised traffic – including e-taxis – between noon and 07.00 pm. So we had to look for a solution – and that’s when we found Benny.

Benny is a Polish stallion and is trained as a draft horse. He delivers Zermatt’s parcels with Alpin Cargo’s parcel carriage. He’s part of the furniture now and has a big fan base. At the weekends, he works as the local cabbie, pulling an elegant Victorian carriage.

You can find fun videos about his adventures as a postie, a cabbie and a mule admirer at derbenny.ch. Find out more about Benny the horse in our story ‘The most powerful hp in Zermatt – horse-drawn parcel deliveries’.

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